Linda Hendricks
260 Russell Blvd
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Davis CA 95616

CA MFC29072

About Linda Hendricks
I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1992 and currently have a private practice in Davis, California. I work with people of all ages from very young children to adults.

I also have experience working in a variety of agency settings including: Suicide Prevention of Yolo County, the Davis Community Clinic (Substance Abuse Treatment Program), Yolo Family Service Agency, the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center, and the Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Center. I have provided clinical supervision at the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center and at Hands Together, an agency that provided services to teenagers primarily involved with the juvenile justice system.

I have taught in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at the University of Phoenix since October of 2005. I love working with students, exchanging ideas, and being part of an academic environment.

Before becoming a therapist, I taught elementary school, special education, and in a parent-cooperative preschool. I did family day care during the time that my own three children were young.

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